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Sonburn Booth Layouts

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    I recently created a bunch of layouts & cards for a company named Sonburn's booth at Winter CHA. I think they turned out pretty cool & I am very excited about thier new lines of papers & stickers.


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August 14, 2008



So jealous about the fresh veggies. Every year we say we're going to get a garden in and we haven't gotten around to it for the last 10 years.

No CHA for me. Cutbacks. :p My traveling days may be over. :(

Michele Sparklin

WOW!! Awesome garden haul! I dream of gardening, does that count?? Congratulations on your newest family member!


I grow lots of stuff each year. Right now 4 types of chiles, 3 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of basil, rosemary, tarragon, lemon balm and cilantro (which just went to seed).

A good idea is to grow greens - mesclun, or salad greens, that you can cut and they grow up again and you can cut and grow a few times. There are so many varieties and you can grow them throughout the season too.


BTW, you are growing some really pretty veggies. I have only picked 4 tomatoes so far and 2 chiles. I get a bigger harvest later in the season - September and October.


Here's a link to my Photobucket site with pictures of Paradox (my future farm in North Carolina).

I'm a big fan of bamboo poles for staking/supporting plants.

Building the support structure as the tomato grows is quite fun...Zen like.

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OMG!!! You really had a very nice harvest. All of it looks so fresh and crunchy to eat. Yummy!!!

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Wow!!! Those veggies and fruits looks so yummy. They all look so fresh. Hope I can taste it. LOL!!!


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